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Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine for a Better You!

If you are tired of being put on drugs only to mask your symptoms, scheduled for procedures that clip, snip and remove your body parts, or get pricked, stabbed, or shocked only to find that your symptoms return or worse yet, still persist, then we may be just what you are looking for.

At Shores Wellness Solutions, we practice Functional Medicine—the answer to most of your health problems. Functional medicine is focused on the cause of functional disorders like pain, hormonal imbalances, sleep disturbances, irritability, headaches, cardiovascular disease, fatigue, weight issues, and other inflammatory disorders of the like. Our care targets the reason behind why the problems exist and do not just cover the symptoms. Only by finding the true cause of your body’s malfunction can you correct a functional problem.

In our office, we have found there are three major reasons your body will malfunction. They are either biochemical imbalances, hormonal imbalances, or neurologic damage. The first, biochemical imbalances are due to poor nutrition, processed foods, and the enormous amount of chemicals found in what we consume. To digest them, your body depletes its own vitamins and mineral stores. The second cause of body malfunction is hormonal imbalances. These occur when our bodies are under stress. Your adrenal glands, or stress-handling glands, produce 51 different hormones and when under constant stress become fatigued, exhausted, and dysfunctional. Heck, 80% of doctor visits are for stress-related health problems such as heart issues, digestive disorders, sleep problems, fatigue, stubborn weight, estrogen disruption, etc. When you repair the adrenal glands, you can contribute to the elimination of fatigue, sleep problems, many digestive problems, problems losing weight, inflammatory health concerns, and many common female hormonal issues.


The third reason your body may malfunction is due to trauma or repetitive activities causing neurologic damage. If you injure a nerve of pain, you will feel pain, if you injure a nerve of function, you will not properly function. As doctors who specialize in functional health care, we must check every patient biochemically, hormonally, and neurologically to find what is truly causing the underlying problem. So, ask yourself, “Do you or someone you know have one or more health problems that won’t go away? Have either of you visited doctors but the results weren’t what you expected? Are your health concerns significantly affecting your life?” Your chances of recovery have never been higher!

What would happen if we helped you reach your ideal weight, detoxified your liver, and balanced you biochemically? Would you live longer? Would you look and feel younger? Would your health problems, whatever they are, become less or be eliminated? Well, now you can. What are you waiting for? Take full part in your health today!

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